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Longmarch Sells Capital Equipment Packages Worldwide

Longmarch Technicians Provide Professional Installation

Founder and President of Longmarch Bowling, Frank Zhao, started his bowling career as a translator for bowling technicians doing installation working in China in 1994, right at the beginning of the China Bowling Booming Period. In 1995, Amercian Bowling Corporation hired Frank as its China Operation Manager in charge of its installation jobs and after sale suport in the country. Thousands of lanes were installed by Frank's crew.

Those years there were lots of wooden lanes. Frank's lane resurfacing crew was the biggest in China and was regarded the best. Hoge Lumber, the world biggest wood lane manufacturer, and DBA, the great bowling ambassidor Remo's Piccetti's company famous for its lane finish, both chose to work with Frank Zhao to deliver Lane Resurfacing and Maintenance Training Programs in China.

In 2003, Frank Zhao formed Longmarch company to buy used bowling equipment then refurbish it in its factory in Shanghai. Longmarch sold and installed bowling equipment packages in over twenty countries including Australia, Germany, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, etc.

Longmarch also owns and runs two bowling centers.

Therefore Longmarch installation technicians are very experienced not only to install the equipment, but also to dismantal the machines and put them back together in the refurbishing process, and to maintain and repair the equipment in the operation of our own centers.

Longmarch, your reliable source for bowling equipment.

Bowling Centers Built By Longmarch